$44 — GLIDER - Gold Strapback

GLIDER - Gold Strapback

- Super Lightweight Nylon Upper w/ DWR coating
- Wax Canvas Underbrim
- Embroidered Pelican
Unstructured Crushable Upper
- Custom Ampal 3M Koolnit Tech Sweatband w/ Sweat Barrier


    I've always loved Pelicans - they have an ugly grace as they effortlessly ride updrafts along unbreaking swell for miles.  As I started riding 11'+ gliders, boards designed for ultimate trim, and connecting unbreaking sections of waves, it was the closest one could come to experience gliding like a pelican.  Pelicans are also good signs for fishermen.  Diving birds mean there is bait in the water and probably fish as well.  Any seafaring enthusiast has to at least respect them.

    The lightweight nylon unstructured upper, with a durable water repellent finish is perfect of a day on the ocean.  The wax canvas underbrim was chosen to blend with the sky, allowing all focus to be pointed toward the water.  We used our custom premium Koolnit Tech Sweatband, so its ready for all day adventures.  The Koolnit tech material is extra moisture wicking & breathable, while an extra layer of vinyl protects the hat.


    Made in Los Angeles, CA. USA

    One Size