Summer 14

We continue to focus on premium quality and handpicked vintage fabrics for our Summer 14 collection.  The snap backs, 5 panel camp hats & custom patches reflect our 4th generation California roots.

Designed & Crafted in Los Angeles, CA. USA

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Opening Party

Ampal Store Opening Flyer Opening Party

Please join us Saturday, Nov. 22 for our official opening.

We have our whole new FW14 Collection as well as our complete line and select accessories from Crap Eyewear, Shwood, Hex, Atelier Cherry & Nick Potash Jewelry.

Complimentary Primo & PBR (21+) Cabo Chips & Guisados Tacos.

1280 1/2 Sunset Blvd

IMG 8345 1280 1/2 Sunset Blvd

We’re proud to announce our new flagship store/headquarters is now open at 1280 1/2 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90026.

Please stop by and check out every hat we have and some select accessories from Crap Eyewear, Shwood, Atelier Cherry x Magic Number and Nick Potash Jewelry.

Venice Originals x Ampal

We teamed up with the crew at Venice Originals skate shop in Venice, CA to create a 5-panel camp blending our classic and unique styles. The collaboration was conceived during motorcycle adventures with some of the VO crew, over the last few years.

Q51A4563 1 Venice Originals x Ampal

Venice Originals was started by skate legends Jessie Martinez and Block 8 years ago, furthering the legendary tradition of the Venice skate scene and its influence on the worldwide skate culture. Living by the classic Dogtown motto, “Show up. Take Over. Rip up the spot,” Venice Originals has become the go-to place for skaters across the nation to get back to their roots.

Q51A4566 1 Venice Originals x Ampal

Available in a suble navy blue colorway, the side panels are augmented with traditional bandana pattern embroidery, indicative of the look and feel of true Venice skateboarding from way back when.

Q51A4562 1 Venice Originals x Ampal

Each hat produced was carefully manufactured with love and pride in Los Angeles, CA, USA under the supervision of the Ampal Creative and Venice Originals crews. The limited run saw only 100 pieces made, so it’s act now or forever hold your peace. The Ampal Creative X Venice Originals 5-panel will be available both in-store at the Venice Originals shop as well as online through The Ampal Creative.


Made Like They Used To

made like they used to patch Made Like They Used To

We take a lot of pride in the craftmanship and quality ingredients that go into our product. Its all made in USA, and most of our gear is made in Los Angeles, allowing us to be hands on and quality control every stage of production. We’ve had 3 hats come back due to quality or production issues, from the thousands we’ve shipped.

The Ampal Creative is proudly –


Coastal Collection Release & FW Preview

Coastal Collection Release Flyer Coastal Collection Release & FW Preview

Summer 14 Collection

Ampal SS14 075 Summer 14 CollectionNO MAS AMIGOS II Snapback

Ampal SS14 022 Summer 14 CollectionRAGTOP Snapback

Ampal SS14 036 Summer 14 CollectionGRAYSCALE Snapback

Ampal SS14 152 Summer 14 CollectionAUGUSTA B/W Snapback

Ampal SS14 139 Summer 14 CollectionAUGUSTA IV Snapback

Ampal SS14 084 Summer 14 CollectionSTRIPES Snapback – Black

Ampal SS14 025 Summer 14 CollectionSTRIPES Snapback – Navy

Ampal SS14 162 Summer 14 CollectionSTRIPES Snapback – Gold

Ampal SS14 005 Summer 14 CollectionKOOLNIT Snapback – Burnt Orange

Ampal SS14 065 Summer 14 CollectionKOOLNIT Snapback – Royal Blue

Ampal SS14 128 Summer 14 CollectionSHARK ATTACK Snapback

Ampal SS14 048 Summer 14 CollectionBOROUGH Snapback

Ampal SS14 108 Summer 14 CollectionPANCHO Snapback

Ampal SS14 168 Summer 14 CollectionSAHARA Snapback

Ampal SS14 166 Summer 14 CollectionUNION STANDARD Snapback Moss

Ampal SS14 054 Summer 14 CollectionUNION STANDARD Snapback Stone

Ampal SS14 080 Summer 14 CollectionNO MAS AMIGOS II 5 Panel

Ampal SS14 011 Summer 14 CollectionRAGTOP 5 Panel

Ampal SS14 038 Summer 14 CollectionGRAYSCALE 5 Panel

Ampal SS14 116 Summer 14 CollectionAUGUSTA IV 5 Panel

Ampal SS14 027 Summer 14 CollectionSTRIPES 5 Panel – Navy

Ampal SS14 085 Summer 14 CollectionSTRIPES 5 Panel – Gold

Ampal SS14 008 Summer 14 CollectionKOOLNIT 5 Panel – Burnt Orange

Ampal SS14 066 Summer 14 CollectionKOOLNIT 5 Panel – Royal Blue

Ampal SS14 050 Summer 14 CollectionBOROUGH 5 Panel

Ampal SS14 103 Summer 14 CollectionPANCHO 5 Panel

Ampal SS14 154 Summer 14 CollectionSAHARA 5 Panel

Ampal SS14 176 Summer 14 CollectionUNION Standard 5 Panel – Moss

Ampal SS14 056 Summer 14 CollectionUNION STANDARD 5 Panel – Stone

Shot by Taylor Dunfee @tsdvision

(capsule) Berlin

Capsule Berlin Flyer (capsule) Berlin

We’re excited to make our European Debut at (capsule) Tradeshow Berlin. We’re sharing a booth with our friends, Marine Machine Leather. If you’re at the show, please stop by.

LOVE+MADE x AMPAL Collection

ampal 7 LOVE+MADE x AMPAL Collection

Designers Linda of Love+Made and Andrew of Ampal Creative have collaborated on a hat capsule featuring a medley of classic prints and the iconic Yin Yang symbol. The exterior features a bandana pattern at the brim and a heart-shaped yin yang patch and heart shaped polka dot upper for that Love+Made signature touch. The hat is lined on the interior with a timeless gingham print. All fabrics, trims and patches sourced in Downtown Los Angeles / Made with Love in USA.

Ampal 3 LOVE+MADE x AMPAL Collection

We had been a big fan of Lovemade for a while, from their top notch collaborations to their message, so when we started thinking about working with a women’s brand, Linda was at the top of our list. Around the same time I found a deadstock roll of Marc Jacobs polka dot/heart print fabric and I knew it would be the perfect foundation for an Ampal x Lovemade project.

ampal 14 LOVE+MADE x AMPAL Collection

ampal 4 LOVE+MADE x AMPAL Collection

ampal 11 LOVE+MADE x AMPAL Collection

DSC 0899 LOVE+MADE x AMPAL Collection
LOVE+MADE x Ampal Snapback

DSC 0904 LOVE+MADE x AMPAL Collection
LOVE+MADE x Ampal 5 Panel

LOVEMADE beanie layout LOVE+MADE x AMPAL Collection
LOVE+MADE x Ampal Beanie

Shot by Heather Gildroy



A little while back, we went up the coast with our friend, neighbor, DJ, jewelry designer, model, adult film star, LA Weekly People of 2013 Jessie Andrews to get out of the city and shoot a few pics with our hats.


Pictured here in the REVERSE II snapback, you can check out more of Ms. Andrews’ endeavors at jessieslife.


Shot by Taylor Scott Dunfee. Enjoy.


AUGUSTA III camp (above) & YACHTMASTER camp (below)