$44 — TRASH (EXPENSIVE) Strapback


- AMPAL for EXPENSIVE TRASH for Born Free 11
- Unstructured Cotton Canvas Upper
- Cotton Twill Underbrim, Button & Front Lining

- Vtg. Style Felt Letter Appliqués

Only available at Born Free 11 / Sold Out at Show

Expensive Trash - I can't say enough good things about Martin and Machi.  The two of them put serious miles on every year picking up bikes around the US for clients around the US.  In between they build some bad ass choppers and ride the shit out of everything on two wheels. 


This year they got invited to be featured builders at Born Free 11.  The boys asked us to make them some hats so of course we said yes.  Their insane show bike "St. Stephen" won best chopper and these hats sold out at the show.


Made in Los Angeles, CA. USA

One Size