Custom Ampal 6 Panel Adjustable Baseball Cap

  • 100% Cotton Twill Upper
  • Debossed Leather "Coastal Collection" Patch
  • "Coastal Collection" Print Underbrim & Lining
  • Tonal Logo Embroidery
  • Adj. Leather Strapback
  • Unstructured Upper

Only 72 were made and only 12 are available in our webstore.

We were stoked to be part of the "Coastal Collection" - a collection of clothing and accessories from Port LBC, Oakland Surf Club, Aloha Sunday and Iron & Resin. The print on the underbrim and lining is an aloha print with an 4 elements. Each element represents one of the shops - for example the port of Oakland for OSC.

The fully crushable "unstructured" upper gives it a vintage look and is ideal for travel.

Made in Los Angeles, CA. USA