$55 — CHOPPER FEVER x Ampal Shop Cap

CHOPPER FEVER x Ampal Shop Cap

Custom Ampal 3 Panel Painter's Cap

- 100% Cotton Canvas Upper
- Chopper Fever printed Linen Lining w/Stash Pocket
- Adj. Leather Strapback Closure
- Sharpie/Tool/Smoke Holder on Side


Kosuke's first request was that the hat be plastic free, which became a design inspiration for the cap. The cap above took form with the following details:

A black 100% cotton canvas upper - it's a time tested workwear material that looks better as it wears.
The brim has no plastic piece - the entire hat can be stuffed in your pocket or backpack while you ride.
An elastic sharpie/tool/smoke holder - never lose your work pen again.
Chopper Fever Vintage Linen Lining with stash pocket - stash your ID, nugs, zingers, zongers.

"Chopper Fever was born and bred in Los Angeles, California. Tired of the lack of clothes that couldn’t handle the abuse of oil and sweat while looking sharp, Chopper Fever was created to fill the void. Products made in America and influenced by a culture of innovation, freedom and tradition."


Born Free 6 - Invited Builder 1st Place Award - 1936 Knuckle

Born Free 5 - Best Chopper Award - "Liberace's Last Dance"

www.chopperfever.com www.sunrisecycles.com #freekosuke


Made in Los Angeles, CA. USA