$40 — UNION II Snapback - "Denim"

UNION II Snapback - "Denim"

  • 100% Cotton Bedford Cord
  • Tonal Embroidery Detail
  • Unstructured Vtg. Style Crushable Upper
  • Mini Woven Label at Snapback


I had always loved the material my WWII N-1 Deck Jacket and coveralls, were made from.  It was a thick cotton material with a great weight and texture, but rarely seen in modern applications.  When I first "discovered" it was "Bedford Cord" about 6 years ago, it immediately found it's way into the line and has been used since.  The UNION II is a celebration of one of our all time materials - an unstructured snapback with a few subtle details.  An instant classic, sure to earn its spot alongside your go-to jeans and favorite sweatshirt.

"Bedford cord, named after the town of Bedford in England, is a durable fabric that resembles corduroy. The weave has faint lengthwise ridges, but without the filling yarns that make the distinct wales characteristic of corduroy... A water-repellent cotton version of Bedford cord called Jungle Cloth was used by the U.S. Navy for flight clothing during the 1920s-1940s era."

*Note this hat is bedford cord and only denim in color, it is not made out of denim.


Made in Los Angeles, CA. USA