$65 — BW x AMPAL - SOUVENIR Zippo Lighter

BW x AMPAL - SOUVENIR Zippo Lighter

  • Authentic 1941 Model Zippo Lighter
  • 20 Piece Run
  • Laser Engraved Vietnam Style Design
  • Each piece individually aged - no two are the same.


Since WWII the Zippo Lighter has been a staple of American soldiers.  In Vietnam, soldiers could have their lighters personalized, in little roadside tents.  Their, locals would use an engraving machines to copy "flash" like designs and customize with text of the GI's choice.


The Badweather is known for his one off engraved Zippos, sometimes even with an original Vietnam Zippo as the base.  As the price and demand of both vintage lighters and his work has risen, we decided to make a run of 20, in the style of the Vietnam lighters.  Each piece has had a unique patina hand applied, giving it the look of decades of use - now give it a few decades of your own history.


The Ampal Creative and The Badweather share Southern California roots and both were created in Los Angeles.  They each spent about a decade in LA, before heading North and South respectively.  This pack, a long time in the making, became souvenirs - an ode to the goodtimes and the bad, spent in the City of Angels and found in both creator's DNAs. 


Made in Los Angeles, CA. USA

One Size