$48 — Ampal x Sage to Saddle "TWO FEATHERS" Strapback

Ampal x Sage to Saddle "TWO FEATHERS" Strapback

- Unstructured Wool Blend Upper
- Navy Cotton Canvas Underbrim & Front Lining

- Two Feathers Embroidery 

LET'S RAISE ANOTHER $3,000!!  Good News Update - Sage To Saddle is ahead of their initial fundraising goal and it looks like they will be signing a lease for a winter horse training facility this January 2022.

    This is a very special project for us.  We teamed up with Sage to Saddle to help Native American youth, specifically the Lakota tribe first, with the hope of expanding and working with other tribes in the future.

    Our design for the Sage to Saddle hat was inspired by the two feathers worn by the great Lakota Sioux tribe’s leader Chief Sitting Bull.  When I asked if the team had any ideas for the design, they immediately wanted to incorporate Sitting Bull, the first chief of the entire Lakota nation, who lead the resistance against US Calvary and the push westward by land hungry immigrants.  In his iconic portrait he is shown with two eagle feathers, which we thought would be the perfect element for the hat.  I added the two beads, in the teams colors.  The feathers also feel like the two finger peace symbol known world wide, which we all liked. 

    On the wind swept hills, surrounded by the bluffs of the Lakota Badlands, a group of Native American youth, brush, bridle & saddle their coveted animals for an afternoon of horsemanship & laughter with close friends. Away from an all too common tough home life, stands a warm place to ride & finish the day’s studies, a place safe from the Dakota’s harsh winter months. Believing this is possible, Sage to Saddle with the support of the Pine Ridge community aims to provide an indoor horse riding arena for kids from 8-18 years old with an after school program focused on equine relationships & the responsibilities horse care involve. Rotating through arena activities & the required time for completing homework in the attached classroom, students of the program will be given the opportunity to carry on a horse nation’s proud tradition with the very animal that made their survival possible. 

    Our goals are simple due to the factors at hand. On a reservation the size of Rhode Island & Delaware live herds of horses ready to ride & large sections of tribal land, combined with long, dark winters often averaging frigid temps & a youth population with a hereditary desire to bond with animals 10 times their size. "


    Made in Los Angeles, CA. USA

    One Size