$40 — Ampal x MORIN SURFBOARDS Snapback


- AMPAL for Morin Surfboards
- Unstructured Cotton Bedford Cloth Upper
- Cotton Herringbone Underbrim & Front Lining

- Vtg. Style Embroidered Felt Patch



I'm really excited to release the Ampal x Morin Surfboards Hat - its the first hat we've done for a shaper.  I love every aspect of surfboards - functional art with deep seated design history and local influence refined for performance.

Josiah takes a perfectionist approach, crafting each board 100% himself, from design to shaping to glassing.  The results speak for themselves - perfectly tapered rail laps, beautiful resin and inlay work, designs refined from working with some of the best in the world.  My favorite detail is probably is logo stamp, which takes on a subtle tonal, but deeper in color shade, like the tonal embroidery on one of our hats.

Hit him up for a finely crafted custom surfboard here - @MorinSurfboards


Made in Los Angeles, CA. USA

One Size