$40 — Ampal X H-D "#1" Strapback

Ampal X H-D "#1" Strapback

- AMPAL for the Harley-Davidson Museum
- Unstructured 100% Cotton Bedford Cloth Upper
- Black Cotton Herringbone Underbrim & Front Lining

- Vtg. Style Embroidered Felt "1" Patch
- Red, White & Blue Brim Stitching


The "#1" logo is probably my favorite Harley-Davidson logo.  It was created by Willie G. Davidson in 1969 to commemorate Mert Lawell's Grand National Championship win and then used in this form on the iconic 1971 FX.  I wanted to give it a period feel, so went with a vintage style felt embroidered patch and a Bedford cloth upper as used on military surplus deck jackets.  The red, white and blue brim stitching continues the race theme.


To purchase this hat please call The Shop at the Harley-Davidson Museum at 414-287-2770 and the good folks there will take care of you.


Made in Los Angeles, CA. USA

One Size