1280 1/2 Sunset Blvd

IMG 8345 1280 1/2 Sunset Blvd

We’re proud to announce our new flagship store/headquarters is now open at 1280 1/2 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90026.

Please stop by and check out every hat we have and some select accessories from Crap Eyewear, Shwood, Atelier Cherry x Magic Number and Nick Potash Jewelry.

Venice Originals x Ampal

We teamed up with the crew at Venice Originals skate shop in Venice, CA to create a 5-panel camp blending our classic and unique styles. The collaboration was conceived during motorcycle adventures with some of the VO crew, over the last few years.

Q51A4563 1 Venice Originals x Ampal

Venice Originals was started by skate legends Jessie Martinez and Block 8 years ago, furthering the legendary tradition of the Venice skate scene and its influence on the worldwide skate culture. Living by the classic Dogtown motto, “Show up. Take Over. Rip up the spot,” Venice Originals has become the go-to place for skaters across the nation to get back to their roots.

Q51A4566 1 Venice Originals x Ampal

Available in a suble navy blue colorway, the side panels are augmented with traditional bandana pattern embroidery, indicative of the look and feel of true Venice skateboarding from way back when.

Q51A4562 1 Venice Originals x Ampal

Each hat produced was carefully manufactured with love and pride in Los Angeles, CA, USA under the supervision of the Ampal Creative and Venice Originals crews. The limited run saw only 100 pieces made, so it’s act now or forever hold your peace. The Ampal Creative X Venice Originals 5-panel will be available both in-store at the Venice Originals shop as well as online through The Ampal Creative.


LOVE+MADE x AMPAL Collection

ampal 7 LOVE+MADE x AMPAL Collection

Designers Linda of Love+Made and Andrew of Ampal Creative have collaborated on a hat capsule featuring a medley of classic prints and the iconic Yin Yang symbol. The exterior features a bandana pattern at the brim and a heart-shaped yin yang patch and heart shaped polka dot upper for that Love+Made signature touch. The hat is lined on the interior with a timeless gingham print. All fabrics, trims and patches sourced in Downtown Los Angeles / Made with Love in USA.

Ampal 3 LOVE+MADE x AMPAL Collection

We had been a big fan of Lovemade for a while, from their top notch collaborations to their message, so when we started thinking about working with a women’s brand, Linda was at the top of our list. Around the same time I found a deadstock roll of Marc Jacobs polka dot/heart print fabric and I knew it would be the perfect foundation for an Ampal x Lovemade project.

ampal 14 LOVE+MADE x AMPAL Collection

ampal 4 LOVE+MADE x AMPAL Collection

ampal 11 LOVE+MADE x AMPAL Collection

DSC 0899 LOVE+MADE x AMPAL Collection
LOVE+MADE x Ampal Snapback

DSC 0904 LOVE+MADE x AMPAL Collection
LOVE+MADE x Ampal 5 Panel

LOVEMADE beanie layout LOVE+MADE x AMPAL Collection
LOVE+MADE x Ampal Beanie

Shot by Heather Gildroy



A little while back, we went up the coast with our friend, neighbor, DJ, jewelry designer, model, adult film star, LA Weekly People of 2013 Jessie Andrews to get out of the city and shoot a few pics with our hats.


Pictured here in the REVERSE II snapback, you can check out more of Ms. Andrews’ endeavors at jessieslife.


Shot by Taylor Scott Dunfee. Enjoy.


AUGUSTA III camp (above) & YACHTMASTER camp (below)




With Born Free, the best chopper show in the country, coming up this weekend, I thought it was the perfect time to release our collaboration with Kosuke of Sunrise Cycles and Chopper Fever.


Over a year ago I met Kosuke of Sunrise Cycles. A bike he built had caught my eye, and when I found out the Sunrise shop was just down Sunset Blvd. I got in contact with him. When I pulled up in the back of an un-assuming alley in Silverlake, my jaw dropped at the lineup of vehicles – an OG knuckle that looked fresh out of a barn, a beautiful candycoated molded out dual carb swingarm panhead, a bitchin’ panel shop truck (now replaced by an even cooler Impala wagon) and a lineup of other rad choppers. Over the course of many visits, the ever evolving quiver of 2 wheeled glory would always delay my departure another 5-10 minutes.

Shop 32 Edit 820x546 CHOPPER FEVER

Growing up, my dad’s one man, custom cabinetry shop was always an exercise in space management; however, I would always be surprised when I’d help load up half a house’s worth of new cabinets that had been stacked floor to ceiling. Another facet is the old tools, some are 60+ years old, but aside from replacing a part here and there they are still running strong. With this being said I had an immediate appreciation and respect for Kosuke’s workspace. The shot above was taken awhile ago, and the every inch of space is covered in interesting bits of motorcycles and Americana.

Green 820x546 CHOPPER FEVER

I have a ton of respect for Kosuke’s approach to building bikes (read more here) and I think we share an appreciation for quality and what some might call a micromanagement issue (I see it more as a refusal to compromise quality). We eventually started talking about making a hat for Sunrise Cycles.


Kosuke’s first request was that the hat be plastic free, which became a design inspiration for the cap. The cap above took form with the following details:

A black 100% cotton canvas upper – it’s a time tested workwear material that looks better as it wears.
The brim has no plastic piece – the entire hat can be stuffed in your pocket or backpack while you ride.
An elastic sharpie/tool/smoke holder – never lose your work pen again.
Chopper Fever Vintage Linen Lining with stash pocket – stash your ID, nugs, zingers, zongers.


We’re really stoked with the result. Only 72 were made. Half available through CHOPPER FEVER and half through our webstore HERE.

Check out the entire CHOPPER FEVER range.

“Chopper Fever was born and bred in Los Angeles, California. Tired of the lack of clothes that couldn’t handle the abuse of oil and sweat while looking sharp, Chopper Fever was created to fill the void. Products made in America and influenced by a culture of innovation, freedom and tradition.”

Chopper Fever is about as real as it gets. Stop by their booth at Born Free and pick up a T-shirt.

Support it.


PS you can win this chopper at the show this Saturday. In typical Sunrise fashion, Kosuke has made everything on the bike from the frame to the rims and rumor has it, thats a custom fabricated inverted from end.


All photos (c) Jon Dragonette

Livin for the City

We were pretty stoked to see Curren$y‘s new video for “Living For The City.”

Spitta is wearing our REMINGTON snap back from FW12. We’ve been using this print for a few years and were the first to use it in hat, unfortunately we are sold out, but we do have some of the REMINGTON camp hat left. Ours are fully lined in premium satin as well.

Support the originals.

Ampal x Gorbals Chefs Hat

The Gorbals is a spot for new and diverse ideas. For tasty, oddball food that is there for anyone who is willing to eat something that does not fall into a category. It is not an Italian restaurant, or an Indian restaurant, or a Scottish restaurant, or a Los Angeles restaurant, nor is it new age, traditional, old school, fusion, pretentious or plain. It is simply The Gorbals. ”

Ilan hall gorbals ampal2 Ampal x Gorbals Chefs Hat

Our favorite restaurant happens to be a few blocks up the street. Over many a meal and beers at the Gorbal’s kitchen counter – its like being in Kitchen Stadium – we got front row input from Ilan, Manny and Lizi on the ultimate chef’s hat.

Gorbals front SM Ampal x Gorbals Chefs Hat

Gorbals Side2 SM Ampal x Gorbals Chefs Hat

The upper is made from 100% cotton canvas. Its tough, breathable, and at home in the kitchen. On the right side we added elastic slots for holding a meat thermometer and Sharpie. The brim is made from industrial vinyl, so if you have to adjust your hat with greasy hands, you can wipe it off later. We sourced a special vinyl backed diamond knit sweatband to keep it cool in the heat of the kitchen.

Its all black because its Ampal for the Gorbals and Ilan is from NY.

Limited to 60 pieces to the public. The rest are for the Gorbals’ chefs – if they sell out, maybe you can start washing dishes.

Available here.

Gorbals available here.

map Ampal x Gorbals Chefs Hat

Thanks to the director, the talented Eric Ulbrich.

Trust – Dirty Gold for The Ampal Creative

trust mix optima Trust   Dirty Gold for The Ampal Creative

Hailing from SD, the talented lads of Dirty Gold made us one hell of a mixtape for Friday the 13th weirdness. The mellow tempo is perfect for the muggy tropical weather we’re engaged in. Track list below.

Trust mix back Trust   Dirty Gold for The Ampal Creative

Download here

If you haven’t given their “Afro-beat / Experimental / Beach-Pop / Surf Pop” a listen, check out last year’s release – ROAR below.

Dirty Gold in Ampal Trust   Dirty Gold for The Ampal Creative

Grant and John (Lincoln not shown) in Old Man n Sea Camp and Kind of Blue camp hats.


This made my day. Thanks to Junkals for sending this my way.
Screen shot 2012 03 30 at 3.41.36 PM TROPO MUPPETS in AMPAL

’93 ’til – SXSW II

Phesto Opio mighty souls of mischief 93 til 93 til   SXSW II
“Yo, what’s up, this is Tajai of the Mighty Souls of Mischief crew
I’m chillin’ with my man Phesto
My man A-plus, and my man Op, you know hes dope

But right now yo, we just maxin’ in the studio
We hailin’ from east Oakland, California
And, sometimes it gets a little hectic out there
But right now, yo, we gonna up you on how we just chill…”

LEGENDS – ’93 til

Phesto in a Brown WAX ON


Prodigy mobb deep camo Ampal snapback @PRODIGYMOBBDEEP
The Legend, Prodigy, in a Camo Space Eyez Ampal Snapback.
Prodigy mobb deep camo Ampal snapback2 @PRODIGYMOBBDEEP
Shout out to @Qbutta for the shots.

The Gorpals & In a Perfect World

ilan gorbals chefs hat The Gorpals & In a Perfect World
Brainstorming some ideas with Ilan and Eric for a short on the Gorbal’s Chef’s hat.

Coming soon.

This song was in my head all morning.

Guttermouth show @ a Wherehouse Music with a mini pit and horrible POP signs everywhere!!

Happy New Years & Hell on Earth 2K11

Have an Exceptional New Year.
We’ve received all your orders this week.
Sorry for the delay, they will go out at the beginning next week.

Screen Shot 2011 12 30 at 3.47.59 PM Happy New Years & Hell on Earth 2K11

Thanks to JT for sending me this. The infamous Prodigy #BLACKCOCAINE in a NATIVE SUNS snapback in black.

Screen Shot 2011 12 30 at 3.49.26 PM Happy New Years & Hell on Earth 2K11

I just watched probably the most bad ass music video I’ve ever seen:
Saviours – “CRETE’N”
Warning not for the PC/easily offended

Westcoast 2.0

kendrick lamar musicbox tde hiii power Westcoast 2.0
I got to cruise to the Kendrick Lamar/DJ Green Latern show at the Music Box on Friday. I had heard the hype about Kendrick – endorsements from Dre and Snoop as the torchbearer of Westcoast Hip Hop etc. – and listened to a few mixtapes and tracks, but seeing it in person, I’m now a believer. Kendrick’s from Compton and his music is part classic West Coast gangsta rap, but with a lot of other influences and a flow that emerges as uniquely his own.
schoolboy q musicbox Westcoast 2.0
Fellow Compton/TDE artist Schoolboy Q, was on right before Kendrick and put on a great show as well. We were stoked to see him come on stage wearing a REMINGTON snapback – I’ve never seen the winter pin-up girls looking so hard.
DJ Greenlantern music box Westcoast 2.0
Going into the show I was excited to see the legendary evil genius DJ Green Lantern do a set. I’ve been listening to his mixtapes forever so it was great to meet him and I was pumped he was feeling our new hats.
c71daae8129211e1a87612313804ec91 7 Westcoast 2.0
After the show the good doctor, DRE!!!! came backstage to introduce the fam to Kendrick, I was going to ask him about Detox, but had second thoughts when his security locked down the hall.

dont lose your head x TSD Creative

If you were as blown away by the images of our F/W Collection as we were, you should check out Mr. Dunfee’s art show this weekend.

Equally talented behind and in front of a camera, with a pen in hand, surfboard under foot, beer in hand, or crushing miles on his 2 wheeled steed, White Gloss will be hosting an exhibition starting this Saturday 11/5.

dunfee flyer 2 dont lose your head x TSD Creative

And if you’re just a big piece, the rumor is the PBR will be flowing like the Pacific to the soothing sounds of Junkyard or SAH.