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Out of the Office

mex small Out of the Office

We’re testing S/S 13 collection south of the border (see above from last week). Web orders will ship 11/1. FW 12 and our collabs will be up in November. Thanks for your patience.


Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby!!!

Screen Shot 2011 12 04 at 9.35.38 PM Kandy Kolored Tangerine Flake Streamline Baby!!!
I’m in Japan with my brother, Nick from Crap/N.Potash Jewelry, exploring our roots and getting inspired. Today we checked out the 20th anniversary Mooneyes Carshow in Yokohama. This is a little preview of the most glorious collection of gasoline fueled speed machines ever assembled under one roof.
Screen Shot 2011 12 04 at 9.40.06 PM Kandy Kolored Tangerine Flake Streamline Baby!!!
Stay tuned, lots more to come…

NY pt. 1 – Get in my BELLY

Great NY pt. 1   Get in my BELLY
I was in NY for a week not too long ago. If you follow my instagram (ampal_creative) you will have noticed that 50% of my pics from the trip were of food. I am a fat kid at heart and love food and eating. I wanted to share a few of my favorites I visit every time as well as some new ones we discovered on this trip. None of these meals were too expensive, and all were definitely worth the items I sacrificed at uniqlo.

The amazing noodles and roast pork above are from the aptly titled Great NY Noodletown. BTW, this is a fan page, I dont think the restaurant knows it exists. Their roast pork is amazing, and even better with the pan fried noodles, which were actually CRISPY!!!

Little Italy NY pt. 1   Get in my BELLY
These house made sides in Little Italy* (I forget the name of the cafe) had me drooling in line – from L-R: front row – Butternut Squash, Roasted Cauliflower, Fresh Ricotta, back row – Roasted Peppers, Homemade Mozz, and Eggplant Parm. NOM NOM NOM!!!

I consider myself a connoisseur of Pastrami and hold Langer’s as the holy grail of the brined/smoked/steamed beef and was eager to check out Mile End in Brooklyn, after hearing stories of delicious pastrami from my pastrami partner in crime JDH.
miles end pastrami NY pt. 1   Get in my BELLY
The story I heard, was that a law student dropped out of a local university to pursue his love of the beef, learning from best and creating his own homemade smoked meats, pickles and other delicacies. His passion shows in the delicious food and people love it. They will be opening a second restaurant in Manhattan soon. This is it right here, a slab of brisket that is dry rubbed then smoked, so it is technically “smoked beef” not pastrami. A couple of stacks of evenly sliced rye are in the foreground, and to the left lay a delectable bowl of drippings and end pieces used for their sauces.
Mile End pastrami poutine NY pt. 1   Get in my BELLY
This is THE dish – smoked meat poutine. It was as good as it looks, but the gravy was a bit thick for my California tastes. I think the Gorbal’s bahn mi poutine is a better overall dish, but this is still a meal I will return too.
Salties NY pt. 1   Get in my BELLY
The next destination was Saltie’s as recommended by our friend Seth. I grew up on his parent’s bagels, and to this day swear the original Baltimore Bagel’s were the best. Food is in the Brau DNA, so I was a bit skeptical but took his word on a Captain’s Daughter – “sardines, pickled egg, salsa verde.” Going into the restaurant I really doubted it would deliver; I like an occasional sardine on a good Caesar salad, but questioned it as the main ingredient along with pickled egg. It was really good. The bread was perfect, and the odd pairing was unlike anything I’ve had. Be forewarned, if you eat the whole thing it will sit heavy and you can count out any make outs or close conversations with anyone you’re trying to impress.
Robertas Pizza NY pt. 1   Get in my BELLY
Roberta’s was conveniently located across from my friend’s loft, so it was an obvious choice. They grow their own vegetables in an amazing garden that doubles as a beer garden in the summer. The woodfired pizza was delicious, and probably even better topped with their veggies.
 NY pt. 1   Get in my BELLY
We had a drinking/pumpkin carving party. Fortunately most guests used the dull knives, no blood was shed and my octopus donated these soy, garlic, horseradish seeds.
Seeds NY pt. 1   Get in my BELLY
The first time I ate at Joe’s Shanghai we sat across from Terry and some 18 year old. Their super dumplings are legendary, cheap and served late into the night. Steaming with broth they are amazing on a cold night. A couple of trays of crab or pork dumplings are pretty much as essential as having a late night slice of pie when you’re in NYC.
Joes Shanghai soup Dumlpings NY pt. 1   Get in my BELLY
Take a moment before taking in this next picture.
momofuku ssam pork buns NY pt. 1   Get in my BELLY
This is a plate of the legendary Momofuku Steamed Buns. An absolutely perfect marriage of “pork belly, hoisin, cucumbers, scallions” they were one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. Ever since I saw Anthony Bourdain visit David Chang’s exalted establishment I knew I would eat there.
momofuku ssam pork shoulder NY pt. 1   Get in my BELLY
This was the delicious “bev eggleston’s pork shoulder steak – cauliflower, piperade, pine nuts.” They have ridiculous meal options for larger groups that get served to a lucky few tables reserved months in advance, that is on the radar for next time. Jacob has been part of a fried chicken 2 ways (korean and american preparations) for 8, and they currently have a bo-ssam and rotisserie duck option, but plan on reserving a table way in advance.

There are countless other amazing restaurants in NYC, but these are some of our favorites. We hope we can point you toward some flavor bliss next time you’re in the city. This post has already made me hungry, enjoy!


Check out these rad new tech bags and cases from HEX. I really like the clean shapes and premium materials not often seen in bags designed to protect your essential gadgets – Macbook, Ipad, Iphone etc.
Detail 2 Hex
The initial offerings are in a sturdy washed charcoal or khaki canvas and a rich heather wool.
These are a great alternative to the omnipresent Incase offerings and are available soon in Apple stores and online. These are sure to be popular in the creative community.

AFENDing the USA

AFENDS our good friends from down under are preparing to come stateside. They will be introducing their unique take on a dark tropical lifestyle collection. Started by surfers, skaters and musicians from an amazing town in the eastern most tip of Australia, known as Byron Bay, the lads are ready to tackle the American market. Check out their US premier at the Agenda HB Show.

Screen shot 2011 07 21 at 12.28.09 AM AFENDing the USA
Afends 2011 “Baywatch” boardies – so epic!

The video above is a pretty rad take on their new collection. Shot by their Marketing guy NEVASLOTHIN, it really makes me want to get back to Byron and live the dream – crystal blue waves surrounded by a tropical beach party. This is their story:

PS Afends X Ampal . . . to be continued

Around the World In 14 Days

After two weeks in the motherland, India, and a few days in Tokyo I’m back in LA. Here are some highlights of my trip and a few recommendations of some pretty killer spots in India and Tokyo. First of if your ever are in New Delhi and you want real North Indian food head to Gulati. Don’t get the buffet, order of the menu and be prepared to experience the most incredible North India kebabs and curries.

DSC 0017 2 Around the World In 14 Days

Another India dish that I would recommend, that is incredible in Mumbai, is Tandoori Crab.
DSC 0015 Around the World In 14 Days

If your in Mumbai and feel like taking a 2-3 hour drive inland you should can check out Nashik, India’s Tuscany. My uncle has been producing high end boutique Indian wines for the past few years. You can learn more about Zampa Wines here.

DSC 0027 Around the World In 14 Days

Now on to Tokyo.

DSC 0003 Around the World In 14 Days

Standard Tokyo Ramen
DSC 0015609 Around the World In 14 Days

There are obviously tons of great boutiques in Tokyo but Stadium is one of my favorites. Located in Shibuya it somewhere I stop by every time I’m Tokyo. It is the best place to get Stadium gear and other great Japanese brands.

DSC 0031 Around the World In 14 Days

Greetings from the Desert

sunset p1120729 Greetings from the Desert
Our friend Steve has been living in Dubai for the last three years. Unlike most foreigners over there he’s been venturing outside the Dubai bubble and going on surf explorations in friendly places like Oman and Syria.
copy of oman june2010 low res p1120792 Greetings from the Desert
Empty lineup in Oman with traditional Dhows sailing in the background.
syria 1 Greetings from the Desert
When Steve needed a hat we knew the Tubula Rasa Chambray snapback would be the perfect choice for staying shaded in the desert heat. He doesn’t care much for Iraq.


fv lookbook 2010 web FUTURE VINTAGE
Future Vintage. Bringing the tropical fashion heat from Byron Bay Australia, outta the Future Vintage vision of our homie Sean Stickley. Straight Lordin’
fv lookbook 2010 web3 FUTURE VINTAGE
fv lookbook 2010 web4 FUTURE VINTAGE
These T’s, Tanks and Boardies are all cut n sew and really capture the feel of Future Vintage for me.
fv lookbook 2010 web7 FUTURE VINTAGE
fv lookbook 2010 web13 FUTURE VINTAGE
This summer’s collection has expanded to include custom button ups, cardigans as well as the introduction of FV Leather.
fv lookbook 2010 web18 FUTURE VINTAGE
The tropical feel is nicely juxtaposed with a late 80s early 90s fashion feel.
fv lookbook 2010 web20 FUTURE VINTAGE
Sean has also created some nice accessories to compliment the line – scarves, leather belts and jewelry such as this pendant.
fv lookbook 2010 web21 FUTURE VINTAGE
fv lookbook 2010 web24 FUTURE VINTAGE
For more information contact: Sean

gone surf about…

Sorry, Ive been in paradise lost aka Byron Bay aka the land of lords, swords and sport for the last 11 days with no internet. Its been refreshing and frustrating. I have a wealth of pics and vids to share with you soon. Until then, check this pic of Kevo, in the TAC, and Joaquin both lookin pretty creepy at the Banksy premier. Of course this went down – literally across the alley from Ampal HQ – when I was gone, but glad some of da boys made it out for it.
banksy thehundreds17 gone surf about...

Sydney, Eh!?

LOOK Sydney, Eh!?
Yesterday I took the ferry into the city Sydney from Manly.
ferry bridge Sydney, Eh!?
Which is pretty similar to going from Santa Monica to Downtown, except your commute isn’t 30+ minutes in smoggy traffic, its 30 minutes through the beautiful Sydney Harbor, filled with forrested islands.
opera house Sydney, Eh!?
Here’s my obligatory Sydney Opera House shot. I wanted to remove a lot of the context to really show its very organic, prehistoric nautilus-like shape.
mickey deeez Sydney, Eh!?
Immediately after exiting the ferry wharf, I was greeted by the biggest Ronald McDonald Playhouse ever. Its adult sized, was frothing with business people, and definitely not the first thing I expected to see.
sydney mca feesh Sydney, Eh!?
Adjacent to the wharf is the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. Its free and currently showing a great exhibit of Australian and Aboriginal art. The aboriginal art is pretty amazing – mostly pattern based works, rooted in nature. This is actually my only picture from the museum since you’re not allowed to take pics, but I found this random reflection in a small side bathroom and had to capture it.
sydfax Sydney, Eh!?
If you make your way passed all the shops/malls on George St and turn onto Liverpool you’ll make it to Fairfax Oxford St. the mini Fairfax-esque boutique area of Sydney. Right on the corner in this shot is the Carhartt store.
carhartt Sydney, Eh!?
After years of seeing all the rad Carhartt fashion/workwear lines that Europe and Japan get, I was excited to check it out. Classics like the duck cloth jacket have been updated with little twists, but retain the Carhartt heritage. Despite offering things like selvedge khaki and skinny twill pants, these are definitely clothes that can withstand abuse.
Supply Sydney, Eh!?Below Carhartt is Supply. Supply carries a well curated Union like lineup – Visvim, Tenderloin, Supreme, Porter x Original Fake, etc. These brands are really under the radar here but they’ve been slowly educating the Australian consumer on these premium labels. Right next door is Monster Children Gallery, which I’ve been wanting to check out forever, but it was closed. The FEIT shoes flagship store is also next door. The shoes aren’t really my style, but I’ve been a fan of their amazing craftsmanship for the last couple of years. Their classy sneakers use amazing leathers, vibram soles and are remarkably light.
footage2 Sydney, Eh!?
Continuing down the road is Footage. They’ve been holding it down for 6+ years with a nice assortment of premium denim, sneakers and accessories. They were keen on Ampal, so they might be our exclusive account for the area.
bus seat Sydney, Eh!?
Hopefully this gives you a little glimpse into the city. I wanted to leave you with this pic of the allover graffiti print upholstery in the Sydney bus’s- “You want to tag our seats? Sorry we beat you to it.”