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the sun is shining

Happy Friday Ladies and Gents. In honor of a glorious summer weekend staring us down, I’d like to bring a few things to your attention.

SahGA v1 the sun is shining

Our friend and frequent Ampal contributor SURF AMBASSADOR HENDO has released his newest mixtape – The SAH-ga ch. 1 – Born in to the NuWave.
Crack a cold one and give it a listen. Once your in a proper mindset check out this Salon Acapulco clip.

Salon Acapulco is cruising up all the way from Guadalajara to blast off the return of our NO SHIRT / NO SHOES pool party with our friends at dFm.
No Shirt No Shoes Party Salon Acapulco Bareback DJs Colour Vision Burn Unit Tropicool The AMPAL Creative Bixel Boys Surf Ambassador Hendo sah AMPAL the sun is shining
What started as an attempt at some non douchy fun in the sun last summer quickly became THE summer pool party.

RSVP here

We hope to see you there.
Cheers to the summer.

Happy Holidays

The+Pump+Haus DTLA Golden+Gopher No+Shirt+No+Shoes+DJs Froth Fun+Party Happy Holidays
Come celebrate the holidays with our friends from this summers No Shirt/No Shoes party.

Tuneage by the Pool Party Legends ; Surf Ambassador Hendo, Bixel Boys, Tropicool, & Junkyard
Golden Gopher DTLA 10-2.
No Cover
Golden Gopher Happy Holidays

The Barefoot Party Monster

HIGHTIDEJM The Barefoot Party Monster
We’re back with what might be the last No Shirt / No Shoes of the summer. The beast that is NS/NS has emerged from the shallow end of the pool, mindtai in hand, and grabbed the bleached out, high waisted Guess wearing babe that is High Tide to create a sweaty hybrid in honor of summer.

RSVP Here and come early

In honor of Saturday here’s a few of the many amazing Guess “girls” from my youth.
Anna Nicole Smith guess 442486 1242 847 The Barefoot Party Monster
A seemingly untarnished Anna

e5MnH0VIEo4b3430L5dZdjVCo1 500 The Barefoot Party Monster

guess bridget The Barefoot Party Monster

On 2 Very Unrelated Notes

hang tags On 2 Very Unrelated Notes
As nerdy as this may sound, I’m pretty excited about our new hangtags. Look for them on the new FW collection.
hard fest ducksauce On 2 Very Unrelated Notes
Hard Fest was pretty amazing. After dealing with one of the most hectic lines ever, I found myself up on stage next to Dave1 of Chromeo watching his brother and AVH join forces as Ducksauce to play one of the funnest sets I’ve ever seen.

Agenda X US Open + N.S/N.S!!!

US Open party Agenda X US Open + N.S/N.S!!!
We’re bring that No Shirt / No Shoes troppo beach flare down to Huntington next week for the ultimate beach blanket binder. Your favorite No Shirt team is combining forces with Billabong, da crew from AFENDS and the original dj shred duo BAREBACK DJs for the ultimate US Open and Agenda afterparty.

We’ll be previewing a few of our new FW hats and BLOW UP will be showing all night –

RSVP here and come enjoy some fun in the sun and beautiful company.

ALSO!! We’ll be posted up at the Afends booth at Agenda, showing our colab hat and maybe a peak at the next collection.

Full Summer Stride

viceroy Full Summer Stride
We’re bringing you another dose of NO SHIRT / NO SHOES at the Standard DTLA Rooftop Pool. Big ups to da homies at DF for creating such an epic summer party series and Perrier for supplying our favorite bubbly French aqua to keep up the fun in the sun.

RSVP HERE and get there early!!! We even had to wait in line last time!

Ampal resident Party Tuuuuuner Surf Ambassador Hendo banged out this mix to you in the spirit. Enjoy…

whale tails Full Summer Stride
“If you like Daytime Disco, Boobs, Beer, and The Beach, you’ll pretty much never wanna leave Dub Frequency’s Summer Party Series entitled “No Shirt / No Shoes”! Poseidon himself even called it “The Greatest Frothfest since Noah’s Arc”. Anyways, I got drunk yesterday, sat on the beach, and hammered out this mix featuring a few of the tracks I like to play at the NS / NS parries. Get weird!”

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Shit?!

June252 No Shirt, No Shoes, No Shit?!

We’re back again on the 25th.  Ampal and the N.S./N.S. franchise is bringing you another helping of tropo summer fun.  The last 2 have been defining the summer vibes and this edition will prove to be extra frothy.  Forecasted perfect 78 degree late June heat + Black Lips spreading their drunken flower punk and our favorite westside party gods GUNS in the SUN mean this is one you’ll wish you remembered, so make sure and RSVP here.

We’ll be getting the fun started with the Black Lips @ Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa on the 23rd.  Its a rad tiny venue that will pretty much explode with the first distorted guitar rip.

UPDATE: Rumor has it that the GUNS will be bringing their extensive collection of 80s-early 90s punk vinyl.

Pool Party II

No Shirt No Shoes2 Pool Party II
Pool Party @ The Standard Downtown LA Rooftop Pool with our friends at Dub Frequency.
Time to get Tropo Round 2!!!

Not to be missed – Get there early.