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Prodigy mobb deep camo Ampal snapback @PRODIGYMOBBDEEP
The Legend, Prodigy, in a Camo Space Eyez Ampal Snapback.
Prodigy mobb deep camo Ampal snapback2 @PRODIGYMOBBDEEP
Shout out to @Qbutta for the shots.

The Gorpals & In a Perfect World

ilan gorbals chefs hat The Gorpals & In a Perfect World
Brainstorming some ideas with Ilan and Eric for a short on the Gorbal’s Chef’s hat.

Coming soon.

This song was in my head all morning.

Guttermouth show @ a Wherehouse Music with a mini pit and horrible POP signs everywhere!!

A Brunette, a Motorcycle & Coffee

Screen shot 2011 12 21 at 4.54.32 PM A Brunette, a Motorcycle & Coffee
Wow. Brunette Myrt, Motorcylces & Coffee, an amazing trifecta of goodness. This holiday the Bixel Collection
has really stepped it up, with a custom blend Don Medardo coffee by local LA coffee legends – Handsome Boy Roasters. Bixel Boys curated a soundtrack to compliment the Honduran coffee and together they shot a lookbook that has coffee looking sexier than ever.
Screen shot 2011 12 21 at 4.54.51 PM A Brunette, a Motorcycle & Coffee
Available here.

More Myrts & Coffee Here

Westcoast 2.0

kendrick lamar musicbox tde hiii power Westcoast 2.0
I got to cruise to the Kendrick Lamar/DJ Green Latern show at the Music Box on Friday. I had heard the hype about Kendrick – endorsements from Dre and Snoop as the torchbearer of Westcoast Hip Hop etc. – and listened to a few mixtapes and tracks, but seeing it in person, I’m now a believer. Kendrick’s from Compton and his music is part classic West Coast gangsta rap, but with a lot of other influences and a flow that emerges as uniquely his own.
schoolboy q musicbox Westcoast 2.0
Fellow Compton/TDE artist Schoolboy Q, was on right before Kendrick and put on a great show as well. We were stoked to see him come on stage wearing a REMINGTON snapback – I’ve never seen the winter pin-up girls looking so hard.
DJ Greenlantern music box Westcoast 2.0
Going into the show I was excited to see the legendary evil genius DJ Green Lantern do a set. I’ve been listening to his mixtapes forever so it was great to meet him and I was pumped he was feeling our new hats.
c71daae8129211e1a87612313804ec91 7 Westcoast 2.0
After the show the good doctor, DRE!!!! came backstage to introduce the fam to Kendrick, I was going to ask him about Detox, but had second thoughts when his security locked down the hall.

Summer’s Encore

Gooch Tape Vol.1 Summers Encore
Well Summer came back this week – Downtown is 94 and its not even lunch.

Longtime Ampal collaborator Tropicool – the twisted mind behind our Waves ≠ Raves mixes – has released his first mixtape:

Tropicool : Gooch Tape Vol 1.

Gooch Tape #1 by Tropicool (official)

“On a sunday night, in a beach-town not so far away from you, i cracked open a Pacifico and began to ponder what i would do as the elusive evening drew closer and city lights began to flicker on. I decided to soul-search and ate a few silver-striped mushrooms out of an old embroidered chinese box I had hidden beneath the dock. As I walked along the beach, the sand softly tickled my toes and the waves crashing in a perfect symphony. Just then, poseidon’s froth had washed something hard up onto my foot. It was a glistening whiskey bottle; Jamison’s own to be exact. I opened it up, expecting a rich carmel liquid to engulf my soul and warm it from the inside out. However, out fell a flash drive where the words “Gooch-Tape #1″ were engraved. It was a sign; a sign that good things were coming. A sign that the warmth and sun-kissed poolside jams of summer would flow into the colorful world autumn had to offer. Warm your soul and paint your walls gold!”

311801 274978349192966 100000424095395 993166 2113830792 n Summers Encore

Prodigy X Shaka Zulu

Prodigy mobb Deep top shotta snap back hat 4 Prodigy X Shaka Zulu
The straight legend, Prodigy of Mobb Deep, rocking our Shaka Zulu snap back in his new video with Ferg Brim – TOP SHOTTAS.

Thanks to our former super intern Neutral Features for sending the vid this way.

Prodigy mobb Deep top shotta snap back hat 3 Prodigy X Shaka Zulu

Waves ≠ Raves vol 15

waves15 Waves ≠ Raves vol 15
We present Waves ≠ Raves vol 15, curated as always by Tropicool, for your listening pleasure.

“As the seasons are slowly shifting, the music follows suit. Light and cheerful riffs are slowly paving the way for deeper disco sounds. Sounds that will resinate throughout a nighttime hideout and keep the kids dancing. Steel drums and synth are still there, just down-tempo and with a heavier groove. Peel the paint off the walls and lets bogey.”


Waves ≠ Raves Vol. 15
• Fred Falke – 808 PM at the Beach
• Hannulelauri – Zombie Tropicana
• Paul Weller – Starlight (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
• The Drums – Money (Chad Valley Remix)
• Fabian – Last Flight
• Doctor Dru & Adana Twins – Juicy Fruit
• Runaway – Indoor Pool (Slow Hands Half Full Remix)
• Tycho – Hours
• Hypnolove – Holiday Reverie
• Pony Pony Run Run – Hey You (Copacabana Club Remix)
• Poolside – Harvest Moon
• Flight Facilities – Feelin’
• All the Lights – Chasing Colours (Plastic Plates Remix)
• Acid Washed – Change (Anteros & Thanaton Remix)
• Kamp! – Cairo

All files Zipped —–> HERE <—–

Black Lips & Black Outs

Black lips1 Black Lips & Black Outs
This is our Ampal softball team, we like to drink pints in dark bars after the game every Sunday…
My buddy Tony (Boots n Katz) and I caught up with the Black Lips (from L – Cole, the director, and editor of their new music video, Joe, and Ian) for a few sunday cold ones. We were all pretty dead – we went to Pacific Festival the night before, they played it as the last stop on a 4 month tour – but the finest Sunday Budweiser King Eddys Saloon (don’t let the slick website fool you) had to offer, were tasting pretty delicious.

black lipd pants Black Lips & Black Outs
If you haven’t been to a Black Lips show, you really should. Their set at PF was good, but the show at tiny Detroit Bar a month ago was amazing. These are my jeans and shoes after frothiest pit I’ve been in since Warp Tour 1999 – they clearly look like they had a goodtime. The Black Lips bring the raw energy of a punk show with more of a Southern feel good lets drink whiskey and make out with chicks type of vibe – as clearly seen in the first pic.

Their new video is coming out soon and promises to be filled with boobs, blood and rock n roll. It sounds like a damn fine combo to me and can’t wait to see it. I’ll leave you with an epic, but poorly paraphrased version of something Ian said last night –

“I had to sit in the office all day, at my highschool career day cause I told them I didnt want to be a salesman… I wanted to play rock n roll.” Legend.

Weezy’s Red Dope

lil wayne mtv vma video shoot Weezys Red Dope
We’re stoked to see Weezy rockin the custom red DOPE hat we made for him a little way back.

Big ups to Tunechi for his continuing skate atttack.

Get More: 2011 VMA, Music

Waves ≠ Raves x VICEROY

viceroy1 Waves ≠ Raves x VICEROY

We are very proud to present you with a special edition of WAVES ≠ RAVES hand selected by Viceroy – “A Hot Humid Tropical Brainstorm.”

Look for him to be exclusively rocking Ampal on his upcoming tour – buy him a drink and thank him for getting the girlies dancing.


Foreword from Viceroy:
While the music market continues to grow into an ‘over saturation’ of electronic blogs, the majority of them seem to only know how to post those same absolute jams that their competition managed to post in previous features. That alone is not enough to make a blog stand out in my mind. I have been and always will be a huge fan of Gotta Dance Dirty. Why? They not only have the most up to date jams from the big dogs, but they support up and coming artists too. How many well-established blogs do that? I can’t name many. Supporting my summery beats since I started in February, Gotta Dance Dirty has given me the honor of hand selecting the tracks for Waves ≠ Raves Mixtape Vol. 14. Looking for some sun-kissed disco to cap off your summer fun? Look no further.

Enjoy, and stay frothy my friends.

Waves ≠ Raves Vol. 14
• Justin Faust – Do it Again
• Mario 64 – Koopa Troopa Beach (RAC remix)
• Washed Out – Feel it All Around
• Kartell – Pantera
• Mix Chopin – Bonne Nuit (Darius Remix)
• Cherokee – Take Care of You
• SebastiAn – Arabest
• Cherokee – Mambo Jet
• Viceroy – Sunny Daze
• Treasure Fingers – Lift Me (Gabriell Remix)
• Chromeo – When the Night Falls (Breakbot Remix)
• Justin Faust – Girl Talk (Bit Funk Remix)
• Madeon – For You
• U-Tern – 808 Remix (instrumental)
• The Knocks – Sunshine

Find all tracks zipped —> HERE <—
Viceroy’s FacebookSoundcloud, and Twitter