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Here’s a short overview of the PROJECT 10 tradeshow we participated in last month.
It’s the best show we’ve done, big thanks to the team at Project and everyone who came by the booth!

Ahhhh, Parîs…

WWD PARIS FASHION week Floral SNap back ampal Ahhhh, Parîs...
I don’t know if thats the correct “î” for the pair-eee pronunciation, but Junkyard just sent me this pic of some beautiful European looking especially dashing in an AUGUSTA snapback. We’re going to take a WWDThey are wearing: Paris Fashion Week” as pretty good validation for us and this gentlemen.

408368 658512146234 201301827 33823799 98562090 n Ahhhh, Parîs...
Also staying beautiful in Paris, (that’s what its all about isn’t it?) is our lovely head of sales, Pistols N Lipstick, showing AGAIN. If you see either of these lovely AGAIN ladies, you should buy them champagne and check out their line – it looks really hot and is made with quality in Downtown LA.
AGAIN Whos Next Ahhhh, Parîs...

FW 11

TAC FW112 FW 11
Pt.s I & II Coming 11/11. Sign Up on the right side for exact release dates.

The collection was shot by the very talented Taylor Scott Dunfee.  These images are straight out of the camera and have not been photoshopped or digitally altered – a creative mind is always the best tool for the job.


kreayshawn tumblr ampal whitegirlmob style hat snapback k234y5h4wN
We were pretty stoked to see this pic of Kreayshawn #swobbin, one of our “Pair-A-Thighs” Aloha snapbacks, as only she can, on her tumblr.
kreayshawn ampal hat snapback style whitegirlmob WGM k234y5h4wN
If you ever read this, congrats on the i-D cover and the continued #WGM domination, you’re such a babe!
i d pre fall 2011 Kreayshawn Cover photographed by george harvey k234y5h4wN

Bumbaclot Creepahs

kr3w 2011 fallwinter hamilton 1 620x413 Bumbaclot Creepahs
I try not to post too much non-Ampal product on here, but these Kr3w Hamilton’s really caught my eye. I’ve always appreciated the creeper aesthetic but found the soles a little chunky – these are pretty spot on.
via Hypebeast


Check out these rad new tech bags and cases from HEX. I really like the clean shapes and premium materials not often seen in bags designed to protect your essential gadgets – Macbook, Ipad, Iphone etc.
Detail 2 Hex
The initial offerings are in a sturdy washed charcoal or khaki canvas and a rich heather wool.
These are a great alternative to the omnipresent Incase offerings and are available soon in Apple stores and online. These are sure to be popular in the creative community.

AFENDing the USA

AFENDS our good friends from down under are preparing to come stateside. They will be introducing their unique take on a dark tropical lifestyle collection. Started by surfers, skaters and musicians from an amazing town in the eastern most tip of Australia, known as Byron Bay, the lads are ready to tackle the American market. Check out their US premier at the Agenda HB Show.

Screen shot 2011 07 21 at 12.28.09 AM AFENDing the USA
Afends 2011 “Baywatch” boardies – so epic!

The video above is a pretty rad take on their new collection. Shot by their Marketing guy NEVASLOTHIN, it really makes me want to get back to Byron and live the dream – crystal blue waves surrounded by a tropical beach party. This is their story:

PS Afends X Ampal . . . to be continued

Buena Vista II

flowers ver sm Buena Vista II

From battling the tropical sun in the depths of third world exploration, to yachting off of Monaco this is the hat to keep you shaded.

We increased the brim size to 2.5” for some functional sun protection and mad steez. These are our first fedoras Made in USA and we couldn’t be happier swith how they turned out. Gonzo would, we suggest you do too.

*We are also introducing a size XS as a lot of you requested*

Available HERE in:
– Navy w/ Shaka Zulu Box Pleated Band with Antique Brass Anchor Button
– Brown w/Shaka Zulu Box Pleated Band with Antique Brass Anchor Button

Size: XS (56 cm), S (57 cm), M (59 cm), L (61 cm)

Toyo Straw Upper
Made in USA
Shaka Zulu Box Pleated Band with Antique Brass Anchor Button
German Grosgrain Sweat Band with Woven Label

standing on wall sm Buena Vista II

We want DOPE

A lot of you have been emailing about the sold out DOPE hats we did with our friends over at Stampd’ LA.
188280 10150122323688584 701633583 6346524 4895153 n We want DOPE
We’re currently working on a new colorway – sign up for our newsletter and we will let you know before we release it. Its under “Get Ampal in your Inbox” on the right side of our webpage.
Dope Girl 3  We want DOPE
Enjoy these Dope Girl shots from the Stampd’ Blog in the meantime.
Alexa Dope Girl We want DOPE
Kesh Dope  We want DOPE

Freshhjive Blog

Freshjive have been killing it with their blog blog posts recently. This post about a custom Keith Haring is particularly sick. Here is an excerpt from it.

IMG 02391 Freshhjive Blog

Keith Haring & I met officially one night outside a nightclub called Nell’s on 14th Street & 8th Avenue. I used to work the door there back in 86-87. I had been seeing him at The Paradise Garage (another legendary NY Nightclub) and ofcourse I knew who he was. Lots of famous & not so famous people hung out at both of these spots back then.

One night Keith came to a party at Nell’s for art dealer Tony Shafrazi. As he was leaving he turned back to me and offered me a button to put on my Levi’s Trucker’s Jacket. I asked him if he could tag my jacket, since I saw his tag all over the Village I figured I might as well ask. So he obliged. He always carried sharpies in his bag, so he drew a little man on the back with a black sharpie. I saw him not long after at the Garage again and he brought me into his group. I started hanging out at his studio at 676 Broadway in Greenwich Village. Lots of cool people used to come through that studio. And it put me in the loop in the Downtown 80’s art scene.

154899 469762097028 681082028 5947865 2568695 n Freshhjive Blog

So in the Winter of 1988 while I was living in London doing music and modeling, a model friend of mine from Paris asked to wear my Levis jacket Keith tagged out to the club one night. He borrowed it that night and never returned. Once I got back to New York, Keith asked me to come help with what would turn out to be his last show before he died at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery. I watched as he painted huge pieces like “A Pile Of Crowns for Jean Michel Basquait.”

I helped move it with the rest of the giant pieces from the studio to Shafrazi’s gallery. I was also the doorman at the gallery that night and we all went to Mr. Chow’s on 59th street for the after party. During that time Keith took a liking to an old vintage motorcycle jacket that I wore everyday. Old beat up brown leather. Knowing my jacket got stolen, he said to leave the jacket in his studio so he could do a special piece for me. I thought woah! A few months before he died he called me to come and pick it up. I cried because it was so amazing, and so was he. A great person. A real friend. I get sad thinking about that moment. I have a few more small pieces he did for me as well, but nothing comes close to this.

triangle3 Freshhjive Blog

Be sure to check out the Freshjive blog for more great stuff.