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Zion Express

zion express07 sm Zion Express
Andy Carter of Pangea Speed has been creating motorcycles that transcend into gas powered art deco 2 wheeled streamliners. I first found out about Pangaea Speed when I stumbled upon their Triumph Speedmaster (final pic).
zion express06 sm Zion Express
This is the ZION EXPRESS Andy’s personal bike; the detail and execution are impeccable. All the bodywork is hand formed the old fashion way. It seems like it would be really easy for art deco elements to balloon into bulbous wide body panels, but the bike has the svelte profile of a lane-splitting chopper.
zion express05sm Zion Express
“Andy believes that it’s the small details that make a bike like this different, and you can see that ideology at play all over the Zion Express. The headlight lens in and of itself was a process many would have just sent out for or bought something pre-formed and re-shaped to fit. Andy, with the help of his father Ron, built a solid wood buck that perfectly fit inside the cowl and then proceeded to soften polycarbonate in the oven at home and hand-laid piece after piece over the buck until it came out perfect.” via Hot Bike

zion express08 sm Zion Express
The fluted tank piece leading into the completely clean rabbit bars might be my favorite part of the bike.

For more check out the PANGEA SPEED blog. Andy is working on a new bike for the Born Free show, I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

02 03 2012 speedmaster 01 Zion Express
It would be better blogging to let you discover the Triumph SPEEDMASTER on your own, but I felt compelled to share.

PROJECT 10 Tradeshow

AMPAL project flyer PROJECT 10 Tradeshow
We’ll be debuting our S/S Collection as one of ten featured brands @ PROJECT 10.

We are honored to be showing alongside two brands we’ve respected since day 1 – FUCT and SSUR.

Come by, we’re at the entrance of the SLATE show at the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.
For appointments: Courtney – sales (at) theampalcreative (dot) com


Screen shot 2012 02 03 at 1.23.39 AM PATCH PREVIEW
*Disclaimer – Sorry to be a dick, there are a lot of biters out there these days.

Freshhjive Blog

Freshjive have been killing it with their blog blog posts recently. This post about a custom Keith Haring is particularly sick. Here is an excerpt from it.

IMG 02391 Freshhjive Blog

Keith Haring & I met officially one night outside a nightclub called Nell’s on 14th Street & 8th Avenue. I used to work the door there back in 86-87. I had been seeing him at The Paradise Garage (another legendary NY Nightclub) and ofcourse I knew who he was. Lots of famous & not so famous people hung out at both of these spots back then.

One night Keith came to a party at Nell’s for art dealer Tony Shafrazi. As he was leaving he turned back to me and offered me a button to put on my Levi’s Trucker’s Jacket. I asked him if he could tag my jacket, since I saw his tag all over the Village I figured I might as well ask. So he obliged. He always carried sharpies in his bag, so he drew a little man on the back with a black sharpie. I saw him not long after at the Garage again and he brought me into his group. I started hanging out at his studio at 676 Broadway in Greenwich Village. Lots of cool people used to come through that studio. And it put me in the loop in the Downtown 80’s art scene.

154899 469762097028 681082028 5947865 2568695 n Freshhjive Blog

So in the Winter of 1988 while I was living in London doing music and modeling, a model friend of mine from Paris asked to wear my Levis jacket Keith tagged out to the club one night. He borrowed it that night and never returned. Once I got back to New York, Keith asked me to come help with what would turn out to be his last show before he died at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery. I watched as he painted huge pieces like “A Pile Of Crowns for Jean Michel Basquait.”

I helped move it with the rest of the giant pieces from the studio to Shafrazi’s gallery. I was also the doorman at the gallery that night and we all went to Mr. Chow’s on 59th street for the after party. During that time Keith took a liking to an old vintage motorcycle jacket that I wore everyday. Old beat up brown leather. Knowing my jacket got stolen, he said to leave the jacket in his studio so he could do a special piece for me. I thought woah! A few months before he died he called me to come and pick it up. I cried because it was so amazing, and so was he. A great person. A real friend. I get sad thinking about that moment. I have a few more small pieces he did for me as well, but nothing comes close to this.

triangle3 Freshhjive Blog

Be sure to check out the Freshjive blog for more great stuff.

LA Livin

I’ve always been interested in the behind the scenes influences of creative people, especially their houses and workspace. Here are two looks at two Los Angeles dream pads reflecting their owners.

The first is a look at Dennis Hopper’s 6.245 million dollar compound in Venice that is on the market. The complex features two Frank Gerry designed condos, a main house designed by Brian Murphy, and an “art barn” with an 8 million dollar collection featuring work from Ruscha, Julian Schnabel, Kenny Scharf, Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Richard Serra, George Herms and Andy Warhol.

hopper exterior LA Livin

hopper living LA Livin

DHopper AER CHP LA Livin

Kanye recently put his house in the Hollywood Hills, shown here, up for sale for around 4 million.

7882 Fareholm Drive Kanye West LA Livin

Yeezy shares an appreciation for the arts – KAWS pieces shown here – but at this point it lacks the depth of Hopper’s collection.

7882 Fareholm Dr LA Livin
7882 Fareholm Drive 3 LA Livin

These are two completely different examples of LA homes, Kanye’s minimalist modern home, and Hopper’s insane Venice Compound. I think Dennis Hopper’s Venice compound comes out on top because of the Gerry architecture, the extensive art collection and complete California vibe.

I have never flown,

but it feels like flying in an airplane using a reciprocating engine

I can’t tell you how peaceful it is.”
Shinya Kimura

EPIC video via one of my favorite site TSY

Coming Soon…

Sur Eyes Coming Soon...

RR x RR: Phantom II Merlin

1931 RollsRoyce PhantomIIMerlin1 RR x RR: Phantom II Merlin
At first glance this Rolls Royce might look like any other Concours car. Then you see the 6 pipes peeping out the side of the hood.
798547 RR x RR: Phantom II Merlin
That would be the 27 liter Rolls Royce V-12 Merlin Mk 1 airplane engine.

“The Merlin didn’t just power Spitfires, Hurricanes, and Lancaster bombers, it saw service in MTBs (motor torpedo boats) and tanks. So successful was the Merlin that 149,659 units were built, some 37,000 under license by Packard in the U.S. Lord Tedder, Marshal of the RAF and the man charged with development of aircraft during the Battle of Britain, attributed victory to “three predominant factors: the skill and bravery of the pilots, 100-octane fuel and the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine.””
798025 RR x RR: Phantom II Merlin

The 7 year process was done to Rolls Royce spec levels. These are all functioning dials needed to properly operate the engine. Note the amazing detailing in the door panel.
830030 RR x RR: Phantom II Merlin

“The catalog credits veteran English dealer Nick Harley—the man who bid $10 million for the Bugatti Royale at auction in 1987 and now enjoys life in his fortress-like retreat on the Côte d’Azur—with the creation of this “special-to-trump-all-specials.” However, a quick call to Harley reveals there’s more to the story.

“Chassis 64GX left Crewe as a standard Phantom II saloon, but in the late 1970s, Rolls-Royce collector Nicholas Harley of London decided to create a showcase of British engineering might. The restoration that ensued spanned approximately seven years, during which time the Phantom II frame was lengthened, reinforced and fitted with this lovely Gurney Nutting-inspired body constructed by Wilkinson’s of Derby, and a 27-liter Mk I Merlin V12 engine was fitted, fed by two fuel pumps delivering 100 gallons per hour.”


Dreamed, Designed & Crafted in Los Angeles, California

Domestic Label Dreamed, Designed & Crafted in Los Angeles, California
Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been busy finalizing all aspects of summer production. For the caps we’re making them in Los Angeles from materials sourced in Los Angeles. Doing it domestically and being responsible for every detail has been trying, rewarding and a little expensive, but I think you’ll find the results rewarding.