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Zion Express

zion express07 sm Zion Express
Andy Carter of Pangea Speed has been creating motorcycles that transcend into gas powered art deco 2 wheeled streamliners. I first found out about Pangaea Speed when I stumbled upon their Triumph Speedmaster (final pic).
zion express06 sm Zion Express
This is the ZION EXPRESS Andy’s personal bike; the detail and execution are impeccable. All the bodywork is hand formed the old fashion way. It seems like it would be really easy for art deco elements to balloon into bulbous wide body panels, but the bike has the svelte profile of a lane-splitting chopper.
zion express05sm Zion Express
“Andy believes that it’s the small details that make a bike like this different, and you can see that ideology at play all over the Zion Express. The headlight lens in and of itself was a process many would have just sent out for or bought something pre-formed and re-shaped to fit. Andy, with the help of his father Ron, built a solid wood buck that perfectly fit inside the cowl and then proceeded to soften polycarbonate in the oven at home and hand-laid piece after piece over the buck until it came out perfect.” via Hot Bike

zion express08 sm Zion Express
The fluted tank piece leading into the completely clean rabbit bars might be my favorite part of the bike.

For more check out the PANGEA SPEED blog. Andy is working on a new bike for the Born Free show, I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

02 03 2012 speedmaster 01 Zion Express
It would be better blogging to let you discover the Triumph SPEEDMASTER on your own, but I felt compelled to share.



This short by Jeff Scher for American Royalty is an audio/visual treat. The animation flows fluidly with the song, and its refreshing to see an art music video. The song is great, and its exciting to see the AR lads develop into such shredding rockers and talented musicians. Their new EP is out on vinyl (ROOTS) 2/7 and digitally 2/14, and if you haven’t yet GO SEE THEM LIVE.

Drugs Crew @ New Image Art

DRUGS CREW Drugs Crew @ New Image Art

Saturday we cruised to the opening of the DRUGS CREW show at New Image Art Gallery to support our buddy who was part of the show.

NEW IMAGE ART Drugs Crew @ New Image Art

Immediately upon stepping inside, we were overwhelmed by the complete floor to ceiling multimedia installation. Layered underneath the pieces, the walls had been completely painted and pieces were even hung from the ceiling.

crowd Drugs Crew @ New Image Art
I took some detail shots of the pieces, but this is really a show you have to check out in person.
augustus Drugs Crew @ New Image Art
LA based artist, Augustus, who recently had a show here, was in the crowd as well as MOCA director Jeffrey Deitch.
drugscrew art1 Drugs Crew @ New Image Art
drugscrew art2 Drugs Crew @ New Image Art
I loved these oversize scratchers hung around the gallery.
drugscrew art3 Drugs Crew @ New Image Art
drugscrew art4 Drugs Crew @ New Image Art
drugscrew art5 Drugs Crew @ New Image Art
Thanks to Hex for supporting the arts!

dont lose your head x TSD Creative

If you were as blown away by the images of our F/W Collection as we were, you should check out Mr. Dunfee’s art show this weekend.

Equally talented behind and in front of a camera, with a pen in hand, surfboard under foot, beer in hand, or crushing miles on his 2 wheeled steed, White Gloss will be hosting an exhibition starting this Saturday 11/5.

dunfee flyer 2 dont lose your head x TSD Creative

And if you’re just a big piece, the rumor is the PBR will be flowing like the Pacific to the soothing sounds of Junkyard or SAH.

Insa, Girls & Bikes…

9 Emily London low 570x712 Insa, Girls & Bikes...
Three things we like very much.

We’ve become especially fond of Insa, ever since the artist graced the walls of a certain establishment along Santa Fe.

“An ongoing public installation project.

“Working with volunteer models, bikes (INSA’s current preferred icon of commodified culture), and large scale painted walls INSA creates momentary installations in public spaces”

10 Arabella London low 570x712 Insa, Girls & Bikes...

WOOD is good

I really enjoyed this animation by McBess I found over at Mindtai.
Its a great blend of modern and timeless styles.
He’s a pretty talented fellow – he’s the guitarist in the Dead Pirates – the song in the video.


armer ROOOOOOOtzzzz
THE PUMPHOUSE, Windansea La Jolla, CA 8/2011

I spent a lot of my formative years here. A lot of creativity and talent was fostered, and even more lost, here, in the shadows of the subject of Tom Wolf’s 1968 The Pump House Gang.

Check out Twist’s take from last year.

Some Damn Fine Art @ New Image

new image art 1308547425 Some Damn Fine Art @ New Image
Hot off his sold out show “One Man” @ Fifty24SF, check out Augustus Thompson‘s new show at New Image Art Gallery this Saturday.
Here’s a little preview of some of the pieces in progress on our table.
work Pano Some Damn Fine Art @ New Image

AGSTS – One Man

Scan10002 AGSTS   One Man
Our friend Augustus Thompson is having a show at Fifty24SF, opening tonight. We grew up with Gus and he’s developed an amazing style that’s refreshingly unique.
7 AGSTS   One Man
“Thompson’s watercolor portraits bleed with mortality. The eyes of his subjects reveal men (young, old, a tiger) surprised by the grip of their slipping, impermanent selves. JUXTAPOZ writes, “Thompson’s faces have a life to them, a poetic style more in line with the Beat era than with his contemporaries.” In the larger works, Thompson uses color and force of line to articulate the inner howling of his human subjects; each painting an isolated, universal beat. Seen together, the portraits and landscapes form a cinematic rush through the back alley of a young man’s life. Thompson writes, “Whatever happens gets packed into my paintings. Black culture and rhythm. Love. Being tired and poor while being privileged and white. Interiors by Vuillard. I can paint everything in a face.”” – Fifty24SF
IMG 0247 AGSTS   One Man
If you’re in SF check out the show or Augustus’ Blog for more work.