Dreamed, Designed & Crafted in USA

Driven by a headwear market that seemed limited and stale at the time, The Ampal Creative launched its first full collection in 2007. Over the last 4 years we have developed a diverse following and become known for quality and attention to detail.

Since the Summer 2010 collection, all Ampal hats have been Made in USA. We search local jobbers and manufacturers for premium textiles and unique prints. Often, we find a single roll of deadstock material and make as many hats as we can from it. Being 100% hands on in all stages of development, for each hat, allows us to ensure the highest level of quality.

Distinguished Headwear for Gentlemen of Leisure and the Women who Intrigue Us.

Po surf Mex About


co-owner/creative director

1983, Fay Ave, Wind-an-Sea, San Diego, Los Angeles, California, New York Bagel Dad, Japan Sushi Mom, Surf Trips, Mind Trips, Road Trips, Tropical Dreams, Logs, Fishes, Quads, Bikes, Motorcycles, Kustom Kars,
Rock, Rockers, Punk, Hip Hop, Sweaty Dance Music,
Local Cuisines, Culinary Arts, Photography, Design, Hand Painted Letters, Spray Painted Letters, Street Art, Lowbrow, Pop Art, Warhol, Haring, Twist, Giant, Black Tie, Leather Jackets, Tailored Jeans, Proper Shoes, Vans, Hats, Moscot, Crap, Vintage & Customs.

daniel About


co-owner/business manager

On the eve of his sixth birthday, Daniel Schechter’s parents entered his bedroom. They sat him down, looked into his wistful green eyes and said, “we’re immigrating to California, America.” Daniel asked them if he was invited and they said yes-he was thrilled. The 22 hour plane ride from Johannesburg South Africa to San Diego was long and rough for Daniel. Despite his wary enthusiasm, he kept thinking how he was going to acquire the wealth and stature equivalent to that which he saw on the community television. Past episodes of Roseanne and Night Rider constantly ran through his mind. Both shows known for great entertainment and an immaculate sense of fashion, Daniel understood his path. Now a creative executive at 11 11 Films and co-owner of The Ampal Creative, he can finally afford his own television.

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