Ampal x Gorbals Chefs Hat

The Gorbals is a spot for new and diverse ideas. For tasty, oddball food that is there for anyone who is willing to eat something that does not fall into a category. It is not an Italian restaurant, or an Indian restaurant, or a Scottish restaurant, or a Los Angeles restaurant, nor is it new age, traditional, old school, fusion, pretentious or plain. It is simply The Gorbals. ”

Ilan hall gorbals ampal2 Ampal x Gorbals Chefs Hat

Our favorite restaurant happens to be a few blocks up the street. Over many a meal and beers at the Gorbal’s kitchen counter – its like being in Kitchen Stadium – we got front row input from Ilan, Manny and Lizi on the ultimate chef’s hat.

Gorbals front SM Ampal x Gorbals Chefs Hat

Gorbals Side2 SM Ampal x Gorbals Chefs Hat

The upper is made from 100% cotton canvas. Its tough, breathable, and at home in the kitchen. On the right side we added elastic slots for holding a meat thermometer and Sharpie. The brim is made from industrial vinyl, so if you have to adjust your hat with greasy hands, you can wipe it off later. We sourced a special vinyl backed diamond knit sweatband to keep it cool in the heat of the kitchen.

Its all black because its Ampal for the Gorbals and Ilan is from NY.

Limited to 60 pieces to the public. The rest are for the Gorbals’ chefs – if they sell out, maybe you can start washing dishes.

Available here.

Gorbals available here.

map Ampal x Gorbals Chefs Hat

Thanks to the director, the talented Eric Ulbrich.