S/S 12!!!

INTRO3 S/S 12!!!

We are excited to premier our Summer Collection. We searched the depths of Downtown Los Angeles to handpick a variety of vintage prints and other premium ingredients.  We have new versions of some of our classics and for the first time we are offering a selection of 5 Panel Camp Caps.

Another first is the option to preorder the hats through our webstore. Since we use a lot of deadstock materials, we are often limited to 100-200 pieces per hat and they almost always sell out. A lot of you requested this option and we will be offering 24 pieces per style for preorder to ship  5/23.

7 SEAS II snap3 S/S 12!!!

This is the SEVEN SEAS II. It is the new version of one of your favorites from last year, but we flipped the material to give it a faded vintage look.

AUGUSTA II Snap3 S/S 12!!!

The AUGUSTA II. We have received a ton of emails about last season’s Augusta. This version is a little more tonal and printed on linen, but we carried over the dull gold details for that Country Club vibe.

Five Oh Snap3 S/S 12!!!

The FIVE-OH.  Vintage Palm Print Linen upper with corduroy brim and button. Less than 120 made.

OLIVE ME Snap2 S/S 12!!!

OLIVE ME, born from another roll found buried under some of the most hideous floral prints out there. I love that the colorway and print are both military and tropical. Unfortunately only about 120 of these made as well.

Gmornin Baghdad Snap3 S/S 12!!!

G’MORNIN BAGHDAD – there are palm trees in the desert too. Vintage printed canvas upper, micro cord brim and button.

Reverse Snap3 S/S 12!!!

This is the REVERSE snap back. Voluptuous cowgirls, cacti & classic western elements.

OLD MAN N THE SEA snap3 S/S 12!!!

OLD MAN N THE SEA   “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.”

FROTHIN Blue Snap3 S/S 12!!!

The newest colorway of our corduroy FROTHIN‘ snapback. Cone Selvedge Denim in the patch. The last three have sold out quickly.

RADIANT II snap3 S/S 12!!!

You’ve been asking for 2 years… The RADIANT II has been reborn in faded nylon with a puff print.

Ampal x Crap snap3 S/S 12!!!

CRAP EYEWEAR x AMPAL.  We grew up on the beach with the gents @ Crap. What was going to be our first colab ever, was finally perfected for this summer. More info coming soon.

Ampal x Marshall snap3 S/S 12!!!

BROTHERS MARSHALL x AMPAL  –  Chad and Trace are two legends in the making, bringing some flare into the otherwise eggy and dull LA surf world.  Vintage surf print with a french terry brim and button.  More info coming soon.


We know the strong profile of the snapback can be too much for some people so we are proud to introduce our 5 panel camp hats.  They have a lower profile and we kept them light weight for summer and packability.


7 Seas Camp3 S/S 12!!!

7 SEAS  – we are stoked to launch the new colorway of the 7 Seas print in the camp hat.


The KIND OF BLUE is probably my favorite of the camp hats.  Vintage woven tapa upper with a washed denim brim.

OLD MAN camp3 S/S 12!!!

OLD MAN N THE SEA  –  “A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work.”

Gmornin Baghdad Camp3 S/S 12!!!

G’MORNIN BAGHDAD  –  Palm trees have historically been symbols of victory, peace and fertility…


Please enjoy.