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F/W Coming Soon

winter preview F/W Coming Soon

Insa, Girls & Bikes…

9 Emily London low 570x712 Insa, Girls & Bikes...
Three things we like very much.

We’ve become especially fond of Insa, ever since the artist graced the walls of a certain establishment along Santa Fe.

“An ongoing public installation project.

“Working with volunteer models, bikes (INSA’s current preferred icon of commodified culture), and large scale painted walls INSA creates momentary installations in public spaces”

10 Arabella London low 570x712 Insa, Girls & Bikes...

Winter is coming…



This is part of the beginning of our FW collection.

The olive roll near the top is $523.05 worth of domestic Martexin waxed canvas; its the best there is and has been since 1930.
The top roll is a 17 color Woodland Pinup print.

As you can tell, we are dedicated to using premium materials, setting the bar for quality headwear and ultimately delivering you the best product we can.

Coming Nov. 11

Prodigy X Shaka Zulu

Prodigy mobb Deep top shotta snap back hat 4 Prodigy X Shaka Zulu
The straight legend, Prodigy of Mobb Deep, rocking our Shaka Zulu snap back in his new video with Ferg Brim – TOP SHOTTAS.

Thanks to our former super intern Neutral Features for sending the vid this way.

Prodigy mobb Deep top shotta snap back hat 3 Prodigy X Shaka Zulu

Waves ≠ Raves vol 15

waves15 Waves ≠ Raves vol 15
We present Waves ≠ Raves vol 15, curated as always by Tropicool, for your listening pleasure.

“As the seasons are slowly shifting, the music follows suit. Light and cheerful riffs are slowly paving the way for deeper disco sounds. Sounds that will resinate throughout a nighttime hideout and keep the kids dancing. Steel drums and synth are still there, just down-tempo and with a heavier groove. Peel the paint off the walls and lets bogey.”


Waves ≠ Raves Vol. 15
• Fred Falke – 808 PM at the Beach
• Hannulelauri – Zombie Tropicana
• Paul Weller – Starlight (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
• The Drums – Money (Chad Valley Remix)
• Fabian – Last Flight
• Doctor Dru & Adana Twins – Juicy Fruit
• Runaway – Indoor Pool (Slow Hands Half Full Remix)
• Tycho – Hours
• Hypnolove – Holiday Reverie
• Pony Pony Run Run – Hey You (Copacabana Club Remix)
• Poolside – Harvest Moon
• Flight Facilities – Feelin’
• All the Lights – Chasing Colours (Plastic Plates Remix)
• Acid Washed – Change (Anteros & Thanaton Remix)
• Kamp! – Cairo

All files Zipped —–> HERE <—–


kreayshawn tumblr ampal whitegirlmob style hat snapback k234y5h4wN
We were pretty stoked to see this pic of Kreayshawn #swobbin, one of our “Pair-A-Thighs” Aloha snapbacks, as only she can, on her tumblr.
kreayshawn ampal hat snapback style whitegirlmob WGM k234y5h4wN
If you ever read this, congrats on the i-D cover and the continued #WGM domination, you’re such a babe!
i d pre fall 2011 Kreayshawn Cover photographed by george harvey k234y5h4wN

Summer’s Last Blast

FINALNS Summers Last Blast
As an amazing summer winds down we are going pay homage to one of the most memorable summers since the grom days.

This Saturday (Sept. 10) is the final all star No Shirt / No Shoes pool party.

Shout out to Ian and the Dub Frequency crew for letting us be an official part of all the goodtimes.

Picture 7 Summers Last Blast

This weekend we’re taking the No Shirt / No Shoes party west to the Standard Hollywood.