Ichiban mas Chingon!

Sushi Gen Ichiban mas Chingon!
Sushi is my meal of choice, so when I found this beautiful plate of fish in front of me yesterday, my eyes lit up, and I may even have been frothing at the mouth.   My friend Shahin, had been telling me about the Sushi Gen sashimi lunch for a while, adding to the rumors around the inconspicuous Little Tokyo establishment.   Shahin runs PureFish, specializing in all natural sustainable seafood, so I knew I had to trust him on this one.  Yesterday,  I got the call around noon saying he put us on the wait list and to cruise over in about 45 minutes.  When we skated up, the line out the door only added to the hype.

I can’t really do the meal more justice than saying it was better than my high expectations and delivered 100%.  I’ve tried many of the bountiful sushi options in Little Tokyo and Downtown LA and Sushi Gen is definitely the best.  At $15 with a tasty tofu in sesame scallion sauce appetizer and a bowl of rice its a steal.  Just do it – get there early, put your name down and prepare for satisfaction.

la torta loca Ichiban mas Chingon!

La Torta Loca is another favorite lunch spot that regularly satisfies our Mexican lunch cravings.   My new favorite torta is the Carne y Chorizo.  Starting with a perfectly light bolillo roll, they fill it with chorizo on the bottom and carne on the top.  Queso fresco, lettuce, tomato and jalapeno blend with the meats to create a spicy melody of flavors.  My previous go to was the cubana, but I think the simpler C&C proves less is more.  A solid homemade salsa and chips compliment the sandwich for a reasonable $6.50.  Tony and his family are really nice and craft the best torta’s this side of the border.*  Next time you’re in the Fashion District cruise by or call in a few delivery sandwiches.


There are countless food options in Downtown and most are decent.  However, there are a few gems I’ll be sharing with you.  Please enjoy and support these local businesses.

*Anyone who has surfed K-38 in Baja knows the legendary “Taco Surf” stand.  The jolly owner served carne or pastor in either a taco or torta – basically the Hattori Hanso of the torta.  It may be a bit of nostalgia tinged memory combined with the post shred hunger, but they get the award for best torta.

IMG 0001 3 Ichiban mas Chingon!

pic via bajanomad