Mmmm, Snacks!

One of my good buddies, Christian Bunte, runs a chip company. Christian started Cabo Chips right out of college with the idea and recipe for creating the best tortilla chip on the market. He didn’t want to reinvent snack food or take out Doritos, but the idea of offering a delicious snack that was healthier and produced locally sounded pretty good. He recently graced the cover of the OC Register Business section looking like a surf stoked chip grom.
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Cabo Chips has kind of led a similar story to Ampal. They make what I consider the best Tortilla Chip on the market. I’m a fat kid at heart with 25+ years of chip experience, so I don’t throw that claim around. Remarkably light, yet satisfyingly crunchy with the savory Umami hint of soy and lime. Their premium chips are made of all natural or organic corn, healthy expeller pressed oils and seasoned with only soy and lime. Produced in relatively small batches in OC, they have fought to gain shelf space in some of the best and biggest grocery stores and markets – from Costco to Whole Foods and Bristol Farms and even the Esperanza resort in Cabo. The producer of Californication gets them shipped to the set and threw them in a recent episode.
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When they were producing the Mexican market chips in Cabo, they had to ship down tortillas to the factory. There’s a bad joke in there somewhere, but that’s their dedication to quality. (Most corn tortillas in Mexico are produced from Maize ground from the entire ear of corn – the tortillas they use are made from only the kernals.) The proof is in the chip and the response has been great, everyone who tries Cabo Chips loves them.
chip lineup Mmmm, Snacks!
They now offer spicy chipotle and blue corn options, but original is still my favorite. Next time you’re at the store, grab a bag, you won’t be disappointed.

This is the first post with the “FOOD” tag. As I mentioned earlier, Im a fat kid at heart, with a love for food. I try to enjoy the melting pot of food offerings that is Southern California and we’ll share some with you.