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footprints Footprints...
Took this along some pristine coast and can only think we make our own.

Girls in Hats

IMG 0124 Girls in Hats
Our friend Brook cruised out to the desert last weekend with some friends and a photographer. These are some of the results.
IMG 0335 Girls in Hats

IMG 9538 Girls in Hats
IMG 9510 Girls in Hats

IMG 0450 Girls in Hats

IMG 0436 Girls in Hats
Check out some more of her work here.

U Don’T Like ME

Diplo ft Lil Jon
Thanks to JDH

The Photograffeur

Whether working in the favelas of Rio or the shantytowns of Kenya, JR’s photographs have captivated audiences around the world. JR’s work reflects the continuous struggle of the human condition, global poverty, religious tensions and the core issues of the urban struggle. Via his giant photographs, he forces people to directly confront these issues. We have been fans of JR since he put a piece on our building and helped beautify downtown LA.

1  The Photograffeur

JR’s work first appeared in Paris, where he captured images of the residents of lower class Parisian slums/suburbs and plastered their photos across the more bourgeoisie sections of East Paris. He then shifted his attention to the Middle East where he took photographs of both Palestinian and Israeli individuals. He would juxtapose the portraits forcing the two conflicting groups to visually confront each other on a daily basis, while exposing their similarities.

21  The Photograffeur

Next he embarked on his most ambitious project, “Women are Heroes”, in which he traveled across Africa, Brasil, Cambodia and India photographing the women of each region. Not only were the installations an art project, but the images were printed on waterproof vinyl, so they served a double purpose of roofing for the residents. The same project spawned a documentary of the same name that screened at Cannes.

3  The Photograffeur

Currently JR is working in Shanghai on “The Wrinkles of the City” a project based around the effects of urban expansionism and urban decay. The Chinese government has yet to interfere.

4  The Photograffeur

Most recently the work of the “photograffeur”, a term JR uses to describe himself that is a combination of photo and “graffeur” the french word for graffiti, have caught the attention of TED. TED, a nonprofit based around spreading ideas via Technology, Entertainment and Design, awarded him with their prestigious TED prize for 2011. The winner of the TED prize is given 100,000 dollars to help facilitate a wish they have. Prior award winners have ranged from former US president Bill Clinton, author Dave Eggers, documentarian Jehane Noujam, and physicist Neil Turok. Although JR has not yet revealed his wish, he has commented that it will be something dealing with “guerilla art”.

51  The Photograffeur

JR’s 2011 TED Prize has sparked controversy amongst media outlits and other critics of JR’s methods and practices. First the ambiguity in which he works, hiding his identity and never revealing his real name and secondly JR’s open canvas which often produces legal problems, make his selection controversial. Despite his critics, JR’s projects bring mass media attention to corners of the globe that most individuals completely disregard. His photos feature people who are commonly neglected by society, those who are impoverished, women across the globe, individuals marginalized by urban development, etc. and bring their issues and needs to the attention of society via street art.

Its Friday…

DOPE bw Its Friday...
Ampal x Stampd “Dope” coming soon

Form + Function

shipping Form + Function
Its starting to get cold again. A time of year when headwear becomes form & function.
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JR – HK to LA

Our homies at Joyrich have been doing big things lately. They just opened their Hong Kong flagship store and had one of the most talked about collections at LA Fashion Week. Here are some pictures of the store launch from Pistols & Lipstick.

IMG 6946 JR   HK to LA

This is picture IS Joyrich – hot blonde babes, mirrors, wild patterns, bright colors, and shiny shining gold and silver.

IMG 7110 JR   HK to LA
I was stoked to see our collabo hats made the front display.

IMG 7023 JR   HK to LA
Champagne instead of phones – Courtney and Yuichi off the sales hustle and enjoying their hard work. Cheers!

IMG 6380 JR   HK to LA

Epic on so many levels

72522 457230569712 103623709712 5458954 5974508 n JR   HK to LA

Joyrich just killed it on the runaway too, with a well received show at LA Fashion Week.

69155 457228969712 103623709712 5458917 3283728 n JR   HK to LA

37197 457228829712 103623709712 5458914 6788187 n JR   HK to LA

Ampal X Joyrich Alameda fedora blowin up…

68749 457230459712 103623709712 5458951 7515564 n JR   HK to LA
Big ups to Leah & David (pictured), Tom and the rest of the Joyrich/Open Crew. Big moves in ’10, the world in ’11.

Jason Redwood 2010

Screen shot 2010 10 19 at 1.42.48 PM3 Jason Redwood 2010

Our friend and one of our favorite artists Jason Redwood sent us some pics of his new work from this year. I think you’ll enjoy.
Screen shot 2010 10 19 at 1.42.32 PM2 Jason Redwood 2010
Screen shot 2010 10 19 at 1.42.13 PM2 Jason Redwood 2010

“Redwood’s works are a veritable feast of fancy-intensely seductive work that, if allowed to break on through to the other side and become living, breathing beings of light, might just lead legions of young hopefuls past the apocalypse and onto the 13th floor, where pigment exists as pure energy, artists are prophets, and paintings open doors of perception” We thought this quote from his site was pretty on point.

Screen shot 2010 10 19 at 1.42.03 PM2 Jason Redwood 2010Screen shot 2010 10 19 at 1.41.15 PM2 Jason Redwood 2010


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